Summit Point School

Summit Point School

Summit Point School offers an inclusive learning environment for children in year levels two to eight. Summit Point is a New Zealand registered charity administered by a board of directors. Learn more


Why Summit Point School?

Summit Point School fosters a cooperative environment where students are grouped by similar age and achievement level so that they can learn from each other, as well as from their teachers and visiting specialists. Making new friends and feeling comfortable is part of everyday life at Summit Point.

  • Small teacher student ratio (1:12)
  • One support teacher per class
  • Explicit ITC/technology training
  • Students at Summit Point School are surrounded by like-minded peers
  • They will discover that their learning differences are shared with another student
  • We value the whole child

New generation learning

At Summit Point we are committed to empowering students with dyslexia, twice-exceptionality and other language-based learning challenges to realise their potential in the wider world.

We use a strength-based curriculum with a strand designed to narrow literacy and numeracy gaps through the use of our cumulative, sequential, multi sensory programs. 

  • We educate our students to be effective and confident communicators and critical thinkers
  • We believe in the development of the whole child
  • Our students will develop strength and self belief alongside like minded peers
  • We aspire to have your child leave us equipped with the mental tools, skills and passion they need for a lifetime of learning

We aim to provide equality for our students with their peers in mainstream classrooms. “Journeying together towards our Summit”, describes our shared learning vision at Summit Point School. Through identifying and embracing personal challenges and working collaboratively, your child will finally begin realising their extraordinary capabilities.

This journey has never been an easy one for dyslexic children and Summit Point is so named in recognition of these challenges.

At Summit Point, your child will be inspired, connect with their peers, chase adventure, and pursue their passions. It’s a time for fun, laughter, exploration, and inquiry, while building relationships and expressing creativity.