At the Summit Academy, we provide multi-sensory academic intervention for children and young adults with dyslexia. We develop your childs unique ability and potential through an extraordinary education experience.


A specialised education

Studies show that people with dyslexia process information in a different area of the brain than most other people, and that this difference is genetic. So chances are that if your child is dyslexic, one of their parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles also has a language-based learning disability.

Approximately one child in ten fails to learn to read, write, or spell at the pace of their peers in New Zealand. This failure is almost never due to a lack of ability or effort on the child’s part, but often due to specific learning difficulties.

Research tells us, of those learning barriers 85% are caused by dyslexic difficulties.


A unique learning journey

At Summit Academy we understand that each child is unique and their learning differences can take many forms. But our experience is that certain characteristics are common; students are working their hardest, they can learn and will find their way in the wider world if properly taught.

  • Our teachers  and teacher assistants are trained and qualified in multi-sensory teaching practices
  • Our teachers and teacher assistants have specialised training to teach one-to-one literacy and numeracy intervention
  • We focus on the whole child, providing an opportunity for all children to achieve academic success, independence, social skills, self-advocacy and self-esteem