Summit Academy

Summit Academy

Summit Academy is a unique, one-day school offering a unique learning opportunity for your dyslexic child. We are committed to collaborating with mainstream schools to provide equality for our students.


How Summit Academy differs

Children who struggle in mainstream classrooms because of dyslexia or other learning differences often benefit from multi-sensory teaching in small groups.

At Summit Academy we present learning at a pace where students are free to ask more questions, challenge ideas, and cement their understanding.

Your child is an individual, with his or her own personal strengths and qualities. Marrying together these qualities, using  multi-sensory learning, places your child on the path towards becoming a successful lifelong learner. 


Multi-sensory learning

Multi-sensory teaching has been throughly researched to have the best results for learners with dyslexia when taught by a trained teacher.

We use a multi-sensory approach to learning using auditory, visual and kinaesthetic methods. Most teaching methods use sight or hearing, however people with dyslexia often have difficulties with visual and/or auditory memory and processing. 

Research suggests that by involving more of the senses, especially touch and movement, the dyslexic brain creates more memories supporting the visual and auditory pathways. 

We aspire to have your child leave us equipped with the mental tools, skills and passion they need for a lifetime of learning, so judge academic progress against your child's individual profile, not against their peers or National Standards.