Our mission is to successfully provide specialised education for students with language-based learning disabilities using a cumulative, creative and holistic approach. To provide multi-sensory intervention and skilled assistance for children and young adults with dyslexia. 

Our role is to develop your child’s unique ability and potential through an extraordinary education experience!

Approximately one child in 10 fails to learn to read, write, or spell adequately, or at the pace of their peers. The failure is almost never due to a lack of ability or effort on the child’s part, but to specific learning difficulties. Research tells us, of those learning barriers 85% are caused by dyslexic difficulties.

  • Our point of difference is our teachers are trained and qualified in multi-sensory teaching practices to work with your child.
  • Teachers have undergone specialised training (theory and practical) to teach one-to-one literacy and numeracy lessons, or small group sessions.
  • You can bring your child to the Summit Academy for an inclusive and uniquely catered system of learning, providing opportunity for all children to achieve academic success, independence, social skills, self-advocacy and self-esteem.

We know that dyslexia can take many forms, but certain characteristics are common, students are working their hardest, can learn and will find their way in the wider world if properly taught.