One day school

Our mission to provide a unique learning opportunity for your dyslexic students drives the unique identity, classroom culture and approach to teaching and learning at the Summit Academy.


Learning at the Summit Academy

Students are encouraged and challenged to explore their world in a variety of ways.

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of the individual needs of every student, recognising their strengths and celebrating their gifts in ways that support growth, knowledge, skill and creativity.

We offer direct instruction using multi-sensory techniques to accomodate a wide variety of learning styles. Small class sizes, individualised attention and assistive technology are also used to enhance learning.  

Experiential learning consolidates this instruction, offering a variety of creative outlets for our students. Opportunities for field trips and other cultural activities provide enrichment in all subject areas.

One day school fees

  • One day school: $130 (per day)
  • Bus fares: $8 (per day)
  • Stationary fee: $30 (per term)

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Educational technology

For students whose learning differences prevent them from achieving success in a traditional classroom environment, technology levels the playing field.

At Summit Academy, technology is embedded and integrated into the learning and teaching that takes place each day. The use of educational technology supports executive functioning and language processing, allowing students to learn and explore in a manner consistent with their skills and interests.

Technology is changing, evolving and growing at a rapid pace. At Summit Academy, we help your child develop skills with technology by providing access to a wide variety of software resources that improve student learning and communication. We integrate the use of assistive technology throughout the the curriculum, weaving it into content to enhance instruction.

We are of the mindset that teachers are able to modify learning gaps in more traditional ways while using assistive technologies to enhance and demonstrate knowledge.

Specialised educational technologies include text-to-speech and speech-to-text software (read/write), word prediction, phonetic spell-checkers and concept-mapping tools (to support visual thinking techniques).

Students can bring their own Chromebook and iPad or use our class set. We use a smart TV in each classroom which directly linking to the internet and apps on iTunes via appleTV.