Our approach focuses on using concrete materials for mathematics with an emphasis on strategy instruction rather than rule memorisation.



The team at Summit Academy assesses a students current level of numeracy using information provided by their school. Students are then grouped by ability, moving forward at an individual pace.

Our goal is for students to make the most academic progress possible without stress or anxiety. If a student doesn't master a concept, it is re-taught before they move on to further learning.

We may also recommend maths 1:1 or small group tuition.



Teaching numeracy

Utilising multi-sensory methods while working with student helps to develop their understanding of basic mathematics and build foundational skills that can be applied to daily living.

The math curriculum consists of ability-groupings which include:

  • Instructional (remedial)
  • Age level
  • Advanced

Students are taught to better understand and interpret the processes needed in order to become successful mathematicians. Teachers incorporate individualised instruction, as well as cooperative learning into their classrooms. This approach helps students learn to solve problems using different approaches, while giving them the opportunity to experience math hands-on.