Individual tuition

Individual tuition

In addition to our day school and small group instruction, we also provide multi-sensory one-on-one tuition specifically targeted to your child’s needs.


One to one learning

Our teachers carefully engage with each student, considering their individual needs and abilities. This builds a trusting and respectful relationship, making the process of learning more enjoyable. Your child will feel secure and supported, not anxious, embarrassed or different. 

We offer weekly, 45 minute sessions after school at the Summit Academy. Please note: All our tuition sessions are now full for Term One, 2020. Email us to register your interest for Term Two.

Tuition costs

  • $65 - $135 per session

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Cracking the code

We aim to reduce anxiety around learning, helping your child have confidence and resilience that transfers back to their mainstream classroom.

At the Summit Academy we will:

  • Provide individualised lessons that move at the pace your child can cope with
  • Explicitly teach reading, spelling and writing
  • Support and accelerate your child's handwriting skills
  • Explicitly teach numeracy using authentic, real world activities

By targeting your child’s specific needs, we don’t waste time teaching material that your child already understands.

We blend both traditional and contemporary teaching methods (iPads, tailored apps, robotics) so your child will connect with their learning.

We also work on memory building activities, providing a step-by-step teaching plan that is closely monitored and adjusted to develop both academic achievement and self-esteem.