Holiday workshops

Our summer camp is designed to help students with dyslexia achieve academic success. A five day academic program involving multi-sensory instruction in small groups, our holiday programme is fun and engaging.  


The Summit summer camp

After a unique opportunity to teach at The Gow School's Summer Camp for children with dyslexia this year, Summit Academy principal Rebecca Elias decided to create a 'mini' Summer Camp right here in Auckland.

There's no summer holiday program here in New Zealand that gives dyslexic students a chance to get together over summer.

The Summit summer camp is a multi-sensory learning experience for students aged 6-12, providing opportunity for them to re-engage as learners over the long summer break.

Students will work in small groups alongside like-minded peers who have similar learning needs and experiences.

Engaging on all levels, the academic program is designed to suit a range of learning styles using fun, interactive tools and using all of the senses. Our teachers understand how a dyslexic learner thinks and prefers to work.

The Summit summer camp will help your child to hit the ground running for the start of the 2018 school year.

Book now $610


Our summer program

This year the Summit summer camp will have a unique syllabus; the Origins of our language. This bridges extra curricular activities in support of the remedial lessons each day.

Beginning with the logic of our language, students explore the history and its influences on modern English. Teaching students that language is more predictable than they think.

  • Handwriting is integrated into the activities through tactile and creative ways
  • Syllable patterns, oral (in a group) is practiced
  • Numeracy games use big picture concepts to investigate geometry, measurement and much more
  • Comprehension is worked on through storytelling, role play and group writing, linking to an afternoon film making module

Our experienced team is committed to bringing learning to life; making it relevant and tapping into individual interests. Beginning with Egypt, students understand how our letter symbols became what they are today, exploring clues in hieroglyphs, decoding the symbols and writing their own name in the pictograms.

Linking to the language arts, additional activities include an exploration of papyrus (the first paper), making a clay shrunken head with a practicing artist and making a ceremonial pharaoh mask.


Two modules from each of the following workshops will run daily. Each afternoon students can choose between filmmaking, robotics, sculpture and skateboarding.

Film making

A three-day film making workshop with an award-winning tutor involving collaborating in a small group to produce a script, choosing a genre, creating special effects make-up, acting, filming, editing and creating sound effects.


An afternoon robotics workshop using Lego Mindstorm is facilitated by an experienced tutor, followed by a visit to Gameloft in Parnell to talk to industry experts in online game development.


A two-day workshop focusing on clay sculpture is guided by a practicing artist.

Skate school

An afternoon introduction to skateboarding with experienced tutors.


Our five day program costs $610 per child. This includes all resources. Children are expected to bring their own packed lunch  and drink bottle each day, but fruit and vegetables will be provided for brain breaks.

Bring Your Own Device: We have secure lock-up facilities for personal items, so sending your child's personal smart device to maximise the assistive technology opportunities is encouraged. Students will learn to use apps that will support learning at home and in their future classroom.