Our aim is to engage students, contextualise their learning and work towards better results in their regular classroom setting.


One Day School

Summit Academy will allow time for your child to reach a point of understanding with their learning. There is time... time to discuss, time to explore, time to succeed and time to enjoy. Your child will be inspired, connect with their peers, chase adventure and pursue their passions.

  • Summit Academy teachers are experienced in specific education needs
  • We carefully observe your child and design an individual education plan
  • Teaching is tailored to the needs of your child 
  • Small class sizes help students feel secure and able to try new experiences 
  • Our multi-sensory approach is explicit and engaging
  • Your child's confidence will grow from understanding everyone learns differently

Research suggests that by involving more of the senses, especially touch and movement, the dyslexic brain creates more memories supporting the visual and auditory pathways. We provide a structured approach to learning which includes:

  • Diagnostic assessment and the development of an individual education plan
  • Small class sizes 
  • Daily tutoring with a ratio of 1:5
  • 1:1 tutoring
  • Specific technology training
  • School holiday workshops

One day school fees

  • One day school: $130 (per day)
  • Bus fares: $10 (per day)
  • Stationary fee: $30 (per term)

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Other services


We advocate together with families, your child's mainstream school and the Ministry of Education to provide parity with students non-dyslexic peers in the classroom. The framework for this in New Zealand is to work with the Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) service to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This will allow your child to receive instruction at their current level of functioning, with accommodations that will target their most urgent learning gaps. Book a meeting

Diagnostic testing

Educational psychology reports are often written in specialist language and can be confusing for parents and teachers. We can meet with you to decode any diagnostic reports you may have, and work with you on an individual education plan for your child. If you don't have a specialist report, we can run a robust range of testing methods to help you understand your child's unique learning challenges. Learn more 

Holiday workshops

We are excited to announce our new five-day holiday program. This specialist academic program is specifically designed to assist students with dyslexia, twice exceptionalities and other language based learning differences achieve academic success. Students work in small groups alongside like-minded peers with similar learning needs and experiences. We engage students on all levels using fun, interactive tools which employ all the senses.

The Summit Summer Camp provides an opportunity to help kids hit the ground running for the upcoming school term. Learn more

Individual tuition

Individualised, multi-sensory 1:1 and small group instruction for children and adolescents with learning difficulties. Mathematic support is offered for children and young adults who are finding the numeracy demanding in their mainstream school a challenge. This is a common occurrence for learners with dyslexia. Learn more

Professional development

Our commitment to the highest quality research ensures that our teaching and our professional learning and development services are informed by the most current research and evidence from practice.