Donations have a direct impact on the quality of education we can offer. We are reliant on donations to support teacher assistants, professional development, computer equipment and classroom resources.


Support Summit Academy

At Summit Academy, the cost of tuition doesn’t cover our operating expenses. Your gift to the academy bridges the gap, making it possible for our students to develop their potential. All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a receipt.

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  • A $10 donation can buy special gloves for our junior classes to help children develop a strong pencil grip and support their handwriting.
  • A $20 donation can help buy educational games and activities for the classroom that focus on the special needs of our students.
  • A donation of $50 can supply teacher resources to help with strategies and classroom management to help create an inclusive classroom environment.
  • A generous donation of $100 can buy balls, balance boards and other equipment to help teachers focus on the development of physical skills for students with dyspraxia.  

Other ways to support us

There are many ways to support Summit Academy including telling your friends, neighbours and colleagues about the academy. There are so many students with learning differences in our communities, sharing your experiences is a story people will want to hear.

The teachers at Summit Academy love talking at events, so if you are involved in a community event, please get in touch with us.