Inquiry projects

Students are encouraged and challenged to explore their world in a variety of ways. Our approach is rooted in an understanding of the individual needs of every student, recognising their strengths and celebrating their gifts.


Learning areas

The essential skills and processes that need to be taught with our integrated curriculum are those that enable your child to scaffold their own inquiry journey.

When starting at the school, your child will be explicitly introduced to our inquiry process where he or she will be taught the art of questioning. It is only through the ability to formulate excellent questions that a truly meaningful inquiry process can be undertaken.

Although every unit is co-created with specific curriculum concepts in mind, it is encouraged and expected that your child’s investigations will incorporate a wide variety of learning areas. Our experienced team is committed to bringing learning to life; making it relevant and tapping into individual interests.


Multi-sensory language program

Throughout every aspect of your child's learning experiences, our multi-sensory language program will be employed to facilitate their learning journey. This program is diagnostic and designed to support your child's developing capabilities.