Students are taught in 45 minute segments which are delivered through a three strand curriculum model. Achievement is assessed based upon an overall body of work and assessment is designed to cause minimal anxiety.


Integrated concepts

The Summit Academy integrated curriculum is derived from a framework of concepts that have been developed by Mark Treadwell and are incorporated across all of the key learning areas.

  • Projects are co-created by students from local and global themes with a view to investigating concepts and ideas
  • Teachers guide students through each stage of the learning process with the long-term goal of enabling true independent learning

This framework is provided to both your child and their teachers in appropriate language. Your child will also follow a self-assessment process that is derived from the SOLO taxonomy. Key competencies are explicitly included and taught in the units of work.

  • Your child's achievement is assessed based upon an overall body of work produced during a project.
  • Assessment is designed to cause minimal anxiety as learning objectives have been set by each individual student and students are not ranked against each other.
  • Your child is encouraged to achieve at their own pace in order to accelerate their personal learning.

Assessment and evaluation

Our assessment policy emphasises the importance of formative overall teacher judgements over a reliance on summative data.

Our students enjoy success every day and these successes contribute towards an overall development of understanding about the concepts in a range of learning areas. These achievements are recorded in a vast array of media, both traditional and virtual. 

  • Students and teachers assess using the taxonomies written in student friendly language
  • As each new concept is understood, then the students progress onto the next level, always at their own rate
  • Teachers record student mastery of concepts on a learning matrix
  • Some standardised testing is implemented throughout the year, to ensure students’ progress can be measured

Assessment builds up a complete picture of what a learner can do and what needs he/she might have. It should:

  • Be used to establish a particular point your child is at in their learning process and directs the plan for further support and acceleration 
  • Be used to reinforce the link between learning and planning
  • Lead to improvements in both learning and teaching

Our integrated curriculum is based on educational research into the science surrounding how the human brain learns. It is possible to make the learning process more equitable by how we treat knowledge in the student's learning process.  

It is also understood that students experiencing the acquisition and understanding of concepts through multi-sensory processes can make better connections with their learning.